How to deposit stablecoins into FrogsFi

To participate in FrogsFi, users need to deposit stablecoins such as BUSD, USDT, or USDC into the smart contract. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your Binance Smart Chain wallet: Make sure you have a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. You can use wallets like Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or Binance Chain Wallet.

  2. Add stablecoins to your wallet: If you don't already have stablecoins in your wallet, you can purchase them from a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase.

  3. Deposit stablecoins: Once you're connected to FrogsFi, select the amount of stablecoins you want to deposit and click the "Deposit" button. Follow the prompts to confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  4. Wait for the deposit period to end: The deposit period lasts for one week. During this time, all the deposited stablecoins are sent to the Pancakeswap farming pool to generate profit.

  5. Participate in the draw: After the deposit period has ended, the profit generated is distributed among the participants in the form of $CAKE tokens. If you win the draw, you can claim your deposit in the same stablecoin plus your prize. If you lose, you can claim your deposit back in the same stablecoin or participate in the next draw.

Users should note that there is a fee for each deposit, which goes towards the development of the FrogsFi project. Additionally, users should always research and understand the risks involved in participating in lotteries or farming pools before depositing any funds.

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