TestNet Tutorial

To make the process of participating in testnet launch as smooth as possible here is a quick tutorial on how to go through everything!

1. First of all you need to add a BSC TestNet to do that you can go to Chainlist to add any of the testnets to your wallet.

3. Connect your wallet. And now to participate in a draw you must get some free tokens in your wallet. Don’t worry we got you covered.

4. To make any transactions in BSC Testnet, you must have some native test tokens in your wallet to get them.

Go to Official tBNB Faucet. Copy and Paste your wallet address and claim your tBNB.

5. Once you have received your tBNB, refresh our website and connect your wallet.

6. Now after connecting your wallet go to your Network settings (See the screenshot below)

Step 1: Click on accounts
Step 2: Click on "Settings"
Step 3: Scroll down and click on "Networks"
Step 4: Scroll down and find and click on "Binance Smart Chain Testnet"
Step 5: Make sure that "Binance Smart Chain Testnet" is selected and change the RPC URL to the one below and click "Save". You are done!

7. Now just scroll down to the bottom of our page where you can find the button that says “Get Tokens”. now a pop-up message will appear in your wallet to approve it to receive some free tokens.

There might be multiple requests to approve the transaction this is fine don’t worry all of your funds are safe no one has access to your funds through testnet. The speed of the testnet is unpredictable and sometimes the speed of transaction processing can be slow. Be patient and wait for the transaction signature window
If you see a message saying "We were unable to estimate gas. There may be an error in the contract and this transaction may fail". In this case, just press "I want to proceed anyway" and try changing Gas Price (Gwei) to a value of "1" in the edit section.

8. After approving a message your wallet will get some tokens now you have to go back to the top of the page in order to make your very first deposit!

Don’t stress out you can put as much as you want as these are free tokens that we gave you. Your deposit can be as much as $10k of test tokens.

9. Now everything is done! You’ve done a great job! Just wait and in about a week's time we will announce the very first winners of our zeroth draw of FrogsFi.

If you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to our team and members of the community in our Telegram chat.

Now have a great day! And we shall remind you once more in order to get a real money cash prize you HAVE to get or NFT from Galxe! Please don’t forget about it! GO DO IT NOW! You can rest tomorrow after you’ve made the deposit and waiting for that sweet prize! Get that NFT NOW!