TestNet Bugs Troubleshooting

Here you will find how you can deal with discovered bugs or issues, that are already working on!

We have already identified a number of errors that might interfere with the smoothness of our Testnet workflow, but rest assured, that our Tech development team are working day and night on a solution of these to resolve them as soon as possible.

Thus a quick recap of what you might face and how to solve them. Huge thanks to our community who have shared their screenshots and arising troubles with us to build this guide for you!

1) No tokens were received after the Wallet transaction approval.

From our experience, the simplest solution is: - Click "OK" - Refresh the page, click "Get Tokens" again and try to change the Gas price (GWEI) for the transaction to a value of "25". The following screenshots will help you to do this correctly, in case you don't know how.

After you have changed your Gas price (GWEI), and Confirmed the transaction, the same error might appear once again. But there is no need to worry, just click the "OK" button once again.

The next step is to Refresh the page by clicking our Logo in the top left corner. (Highlighted in the screenshot below)

As soon as the page is refreshed, just wait for a couple of minutes, and your test tokens will appear here (see screenshot).

Now you can make a deposit!

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